This site is loaded with tons of information about Battle, East Sussex. These are meant to help the tourists who wish to visit this wonderful region. This is a small town if compared to other sites in Great Britain, but is quickly becoming a favourite destination for many tourists.

Battle is, as a matter of fact, known for being the site for the Battle of Hastings and for this reason the town was founded and came into existence.

As a tourist area it has all of the features that one looks for when away visiting another country or region. Throughout the posts here on this site you will learn about the types of accommodations that you can take advantage of. There is a great selection to choose from. Plus, the town holds many events throughout the year that you will want to enjoy, and you may want to plan your trip here so that you can enjoy them.

There is a wealth of additional information to be found here that you may want to make use of while visiting. Battle is a town that offers the chance to relax and unwind but at the same time has become a must-visit with many knowledgeable travellers who fall in the category of history tourists, which are very much a thing especially in the UK.

Hopefully you will find the information here to be interesting and exciting. If you have not yet made up your mind that you want to visit Battle, then perhaps this site will encourage you to do so.