Tips for Your Stay in Battle, East Sussex

tips-for-your-stay-in-battle-east-sussexAlthough Battle, East Sussex is a small town there is so much to do and see that you will want to do some planning to make the most of your time here. One thing that you will want to make as a highlight of your trip even if you are not a history buff is to visit the Heritage site 1066 Battle of Hastings. While doing so you will be able to go on tours and see exhibits and actually walk the battlefield itself.

Of course as with any trip away from home you are going to want to plan your accommodation. You may want to pre-book where you want to stay as Battle can be a very busy location and you don’t want to be disappointed. You will find that you have choices from Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and Inns. If you are traveling as a couple and plan on being out and about most of the time then a Bed and Breakfast will serve you well. Perhaps if you are a family that is traveling however, you may want to choose one of the Hotels. They are all strategically located in the area so traveling about to see the sights and attractions that you want to take in will not be a problem.

When it comes to cuisine you will not be disappointed as there are many wonderful restaurants to enjoy in Battle East Sussex from quick foods to grab on the go or a selection of family restaurants and fine dining. Also be sure to check out if there are any local current events that may be running at the time as Battle is well known for having ongoing events throughout the year, some of which are free and others which you can actually participate in. While there are lots of things to keep you busy make sure that you plan time to just leisurely walk about the town and enjoy its atmosphere and many fine shops.